Strengthening capacities for international climate change negotiations

As part of this objective, the project provides capacity-development training to strengthen the Vietnamese delegation to the UN climate change conferences in terms of content, negotiation techniques and logistics. Activity highlights include:

  • Continuous provision of training courses and seminars on climate negotiations for the Vietnamese delegation and the delivery of technical input to delegation meetings;
  • Support for the participation of Vietnamese delegates in various meetings under the UNFCCC framework, such as COP 20, COP 21 and COP 22 and mid-year sessions in Bonn;
  • Generation and provision of background papers on the current state of negotiations and Parties’ perspectives on key negotiation issues for the preparation of the delegation;
  • Support for the Vietnamese Delegation to organise official side events at COP 20 in Lima, COP 21 in Paris and COP 22 in Marrakesh on the topics of NAMA, (I)NDC and climate finance. In particular, the project provided a significant contribution to the success of Viet Nam’s first ever Pavilion at COP 21 in Paris;
  • Organisation of COP-debriefing workshops after COP 21, COP 22 and COP 23 to present the outcomes and assessments to a larger audience;
  • Continuous facilitation of dialogue between the Vietnamese delegation and other delegations and enhancing the participation of Vietnamese delegates in international fora such as the International Partnership for Transparency and the NDC Partnership.

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