Institutional arrangements for NAMAs and MONRE

Institutional capacity building for MONRE to coordinate, develop and implement NAMAs

This component consists of advising MONRE on the institutional arrangements of NAMA management and coordination. In addition, a guiding document for NAMA development in Viet Nam will be elaborated. Activity highlights include:

  • Elaboration of options for NAMA institutional arrangements;
  • Consultation workshops on the creation of NAMA institutional arrangements with the participation of key ministries and organisations;
  • Study tour in Mexico for key Vietnamese ministry representatives to gain insight into Mexico’s effective institutional structures for NAMA coordination;
  • Frequent meetings with development partners in order to encourage synergies and coordination and to prevent overlaps on the development and implementation of NAMAs;
  • Training courses for key staff members on NAMA development and NAMA institutional arrangements;
    Development and consultation of the NAMA guidance document.

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