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This overview provides some examples for important NAMA related cross-sectoral projects in Viet Nam.


Project Type Name of Project Delivery organization Funded by Key deliverable(s) Duration Further information
NAMA readiness Establishment of an overarching NAMA and MRV Framework GIZ (with MONRE) BMUB/IKI (1) Development of an overarching NAMA framework and support to the establishment of a NAMA Coordination Office;
(2) Development of two bankable NAMAs;
(3) Support for the establishment of a MRV system;
(4) Improvement of the negotiation capacity of Vietnam´s delegation to the UNFCCC negotiations;
(5) Support for the implementation of Viet Nam´s NDC and the Paris Agreement.
2014 – 2018 Link
NAMA and LEDS support Capacity Building for Implementation of National Climate Change Strategy Project UNDP (with MONRE/Standing Office for the NCCC at DMHCC)  UNDP Awareness building measures, institutional, scientific and technical capacity building and training measures for the effective implementation of the National Strategy on Climate Change at some ministries and localities.  2014-2017  Link
NAMA readiness Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) World Bank (with MONRE, MPI, MOIT, MOC and ADB) BMUB and others • (1) Design and pilot market instruments in the steel, solid waste, and power (EE) sectors;
(2) Establish a GHG registry and MRV system.
NAMA readiness Mitigation Action Implementation Network (MAIN) CCAP (with MONRE) BMUB/IKI and others Potentially support to the preparation of a NAMA concept 2011-2017  Link
NAMA readiness Viet Nam-Japan GHG Inventory Project JICA with MONRE (DMHCC/DCC), ISPONRE, IMHEN, VEA JICA Preparation for a GHG Inventory;
New Project (2nd half of 2014): Capacity development of planning and implementation of NAMAs (provides basis for a new NAMA/MRV Project)
2011-2017 Link 
NAMA and LEDS support Supporting International Mitigation and MRV Activities (IMMA)
(global program)
GIZ, International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV (with MONRE) BMUB/IKI Promotion of networking and knowledge exchange among projects in the fields of emission reduction and MRV, and support for the analysis and documentation of successful methods and instruments related to LEDS, NAMAs and MRV  2012-2016  Link
NAMA readiness Strengthening National Capacities to Respond to Climate Change in Viet Nam, Reducing Vulnerability and Controlling Green House Gases (GHG) Emissions IMHEN
Implementing: MARD, People Committees of Can Tho, Binh Thuan and Binh Dinh provinces
UNDP Technical Guidelines on NAMA Development: provide information on NAMAs, the steps in building and implementing NAMAs, the financial resources for the implementation of NAMAs
Guidelines on NTP implementation and management
Communication and Awareness raising strategy was developed
2009-2013  Link
NAMA and LEDS support Green Growth Strategy MPI Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Action plans for the reduction of GHG emission for the ministry and sectors 2012-2020  Link
NAMA readiness Development of methodology to design NAMAs and assessment, review and supplementation of the institutional system to support the design and implementation of NAMAs MONRE, DMHCC   A methodology to design NAMAs and recommendations for the institutional set up to support the design and implementation of NAMAs  2012-2013  
NAMA readiness Support the Planning and Implementation of NAMAs in a MRV manner (SPI-NAMA) JICA with MONRE (DCC) JICA Capacity development for planning and implementation of NAMAs 2015-2019  Link
NAMA readiness Technical guidelines for NAMAs and MRV in Viet Nam IMHEN/ MONRE UNDP A guideline on easy-to-use methods and tools and list of activities for NAMA development in a MRV manner Aug 2012 – Nov 2012  

Amount of cross sectoral activities: 11

LEDS = Low-emission development strategy